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Visuals from
Smap Server Analytics for one of the project evaluations
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Recent training on
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Mobile Technology
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Showcasing our team
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Welcome to Omie Consultant

At Omie Consultant, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions in project monitoring & evaluation (M&E), research, digital technology for M&E, data systems and management, and training. Our mission is to empower organizations with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and achieve their goals.

10+ Years of Experience

Our years of experience in the international development space is our strenght.

PNG owned consulting firm

We are PNG locals with expertise in M&E and projects management

Why Choosing Omie Consultant?


Project Management

  1. Expertise in Project Monitoring & Evaluation: With years of experience in project M&E, our team offers expertise in designing projects, support in monitoring, conduct baseline surveys, project reviews, and evaluations.
  2. Cutting-Edge Research Capabilities: We plan and conduct thorough research to gather relevant data and insights, enabling organizations to make evidence-based decisions and adapt strategies for maximum effectiveness. Our research tools always involve data collection tools designed to both online and offline data collection methodologies, which speeds process with accuracy and efficiency.

SMAP Server-Digital Forms Designs and Automated Data Management Systems

  1. Innovative Digital Technology Solutions: Leveraging the latest digital technologies, we develop customized digital solutions for M&E, including designing your paper forms to digital data collection tools, management systems, analytics dashboards, to streamline processes and enhance efficiency so you can work smart and not hard.
  2. Comprehensive Data Systems and Management: We assess, review and provide technical support to establish robust data systems and management processes, to ensure data integrity, accuracy, and accessibility for informed decision-making and reporting, so you can spend more time on the real work and less on data.

Training, Mentoring and Coaching Program

We offer tailored training programs on project management, M&E, research methodologies, SMAP Server; digital form design and automated database management systems for individuals and organisations.

Training for organisations is a 5-10 days training where participants learn the skillset to design and automate paper forms to online webforms, synchronize their digital forms to smartphones for offline use via fieldTask App or online webforms, build live dashboards, share survey links and set up auto notifications and many more.

For individuals, it’s a 3-4 mentoring sessions with 2-3 hours per sessions provided both remotely and or in-persons. Coaching sessions are about K500 (K150 per sessions) which, are assessed and certified at the end of the sessions. You can reach out to us for separate quotes for organisations and or individual sessions.

Our aim is equipping organizations and individuals with the skills and knowledge required to manage their projects effectively with server subscriptions billed monthly. Reach out for more info or quotations.

IPA, IRC & Passport Support Services

We provide ad hoc support to small to medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Papua New Guinea for the registration and renewal of business names, companies, community groups, and associations to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA). Additionally, we assist with compliance documentation for Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) requirements, including the provision of Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) and Certificates of Compliance (COCs).

Furthermore, we offer PNG passport services to individuals who are unable to lodge or renew their expired passports. For more information about these services, please feel free to reach out to us.