What our client says

“The training was very usefully and helpful for people like me using word in developing survey or data collection questioners than excel sheet. Within this 5 days, I learnt many new and sort cuts in developing project and monitoring survey documents.

Will do my best to put some of the new skills learnt in practical going forward. Thanks to Omie Consultants for this training on project management”


Project Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy

“This basic project management training was very useful as I now have a deeper understanding of what Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) really involves and how important this should be as part of our PNG Business Unit (internally). Learning about creating survey forms was also helpful as it made me aware of how we need to collect data but also upload and store data in a centralized database, for. e.g. an internal server. I was a bit puzzled with some of the terminologies used as prior to this training we had gone through our Theory of Changes and I found that some of the terms used in this training were different to the ones we already used. Otherwise, it was a great training and learnt a lot!”


Project Coordinator, The Nature Conservacy

In 2021, Omie Consultants supported the National Volunteer Services to design and automate a live digital application form for interested volunteers and also for partners organisations to apply from a click of a button. This form helped us to reduce the continuous time consuming and ineffective paper applications forms that had always had problems. Since then, we have an automated application form, a comprehensive data hosting solution providing our team a cutting-edge platform using the Smap Server with real-time digital application form throughout PNG.

Omie Consultants also provides M&E support, a real-time responsive and insightful data analysis and detailed reporting platform that enables us to make informed decisions. Moreover, our digital forms designs have received accolades for their user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration into existing workflows, significantly enhancing efficiency and data collection processes.”

Julie Raka

Program Manager - Volunteer Placement, National Volunteer Service, PNG

I was engaged as consultant in partnership with Omie Consultants team to review the BEST Program – Verification between November 2023 – early 2024. Although a first time-time for me to be engaged in a verification activity it was a professional learning, and I could already see areas of improvement should I be involved in another verification process with adequate timeframes, structuring the reports, content of report and coordination etc from the clients.


Despite facing challenges with clear guidance, waste of time trying to figure out the appropriate approaches, no proper close down of project etc, the verifications were successfully conducted with a few others still pending.

I would recommend Omie Consultants to local and international clients because I am all for promoting and supporting our national/local enterprises.”


Margaret Maru

Consultant, BEST Verification Associates

Save the Children engaged Omie Consultants as an Independent Verification Agent (IVA) to review key activities completed by Department of Education PNG in our role as Grant Agent for the ‘Boosting Education Standards Together in PNG’ (BEST PNG) Program between October 2023 to February 2024.

Albert Arija of Omie Consultants engaged four other local highly qualified consultants for this engagement. Albert has been the lead consultant for this engagement supported by a team of four additional consultants.  Under Albert’s leadership, Omie Consultants team demonstrated creative use of technology and a range of Monitoring and Evaluation tools and techniques to conduct interviews and desk research for the verification of the key deliverables for this project. The team effectively assessed the data, conducting quality checks and final evaluation, then presented findings in graphs and tables for clear interpretation.

Omie has a positive and open attitude, has a willingness to understand our needs and provide valuable insights. He is highly qualified and experienced professional in project management with an effective interaction and communication style when dealing with a wide range of stakeholders. The organization is very proactive and collaborates very well. He has excellent humor and addresses meetings well. The team can convey and address complex concepts clearly and precisely in a manner that is accessible to non-experts. Omie is well organized and met deadlines agreed, and where unanticipated delays arise, clearly explains reasons and remediation strategy.

I fully recommend Omie Consultants for any independent verification-related engagement or on project managements. Whoever engages Omie and their team will benefit fully from this skills and experience to manage programs and executive activities as required by the terms of reference. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further assistance.

Paul Green

Program Operations Director, Save the Children, PNG